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Minecraft Command Console is a simple way to run basic commands on the console of the game and perform other basic tasks not available to a user with standard FTP access. It is a simple script that runs every minute. This guide is designed to teach you how to utilize this tool to your benefit.

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[edit] Latest Version 0.25.21


-Minor change to email formatting. Properly wraps command output.
-Minor bugfixes

[edit] Configuration

Minecraft command console is disabled by default. If you would like to use this exciting new feature, you will need to configure it.

Simply open the file: console.cfg

Add your email after email= :

  • Example

[edit] Properly Using the Command Console

The script will take each of your commands one by one (line by line) and run them. It is very important to use the proper syntax for commands, or they will not run properly. Once the commands run, the command list will automatically clear itself out.

  • Refer back to this document for information regarding the command console.

[edit] Command Syntax

We are going to use a string of commands for an example here. I want to use several commands before I turn off my server to make sure it was properly saved. I could also do an emergency backup in case I want to download a quick world file.

To do this, you would simply open the commands.txt file in the root directory ( / ) of ftp. If you do not see a commands.txt, simply create one and upload it (it should be there already). When you have commands.txt open, simply add each command you want to run line by line. Here is an example of an emergency backup and server shutdown (this is useful for updating minecraft).

Here is how you do it:


These three commands will be taken and interpreted by the command console script one by one. A report of the commands will be emailed to you.

[edit] Available Commands

For a full list of commands, please visit this

This section contains a list of the available Minecraft Console Commands.

  • Commands are sorted by version-added.
  • Please note that development commands may be shown here, but not available to your version. (Development commands will be featured here so you can prepare to use them)
  • If you would like to see your current version, run the "about" command.

[edit] Version 0.25.1


[edit] Version 0.24


[edit] Version 0.2

resetworld restartserver startserver togglemod -- Removed in 0.23.1

[edit] Version 0.19


[edit] Version 0.17

backupconfig -- Revised in 0.23 updatehmod -- Replaced with Update

[edit] Version 0.16

updatescripts -- Removed in 0.18

[edit] Version 0.15

update -- Revised in 0.23

[edit] Version 0.1








[edit] Changelog

View the Minecraft Command Console Changelog for information about new features added.

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